Educational Websites in Bangladesh

30+ Educational Websites in Bangladesh

Have you been wondering about Educational Websites in Bangladesh? In this article, I am going to write about it.

I hope this Article will be useful for you. We all know that Education is the backbone of a nation. Online education can change your learning system and you can enjoy easy online education. With the blessing of technology now Learning is very easy for students and also for others. Education is a blessing. But not everybody happens to have this blessing due to a range of reasons. 

In Bangladesh, there are many educational websites. Educational websites must develop rapidly because quality education is part of the quality of work.


Top 10 e-learning platform in Bangladesh


Nowadays the learning platform is changing from offline to online. Anyone can learn easily online. For online education, many websites in Bangladesh help a man to learn easily. So the help of online sites makes your learning easy. 

Here we are discussing the top 10 online education sites in Bangladesh.

  1. 10 Minute School
  2. eShikhon
  3. Shikho
  4. eShikhon
  5. Shikkhok Batayon
  6. Bohubrihi
  7. Study Press
  8. Learning Bangladesh
  9. Educarnival
  11. Ghori Learning



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Moreover, the following top 10 online learning platforms are getting very popular day by day. If you are interested in online learning then visit this website and learn easily what you want to.

The explanation About these Top 10 websites is given below ?


1. 10-Minute School


Educational Websites In Bangladesh

10-minute school is the best online education website in Bangladesh. This website is getting very popular day by day for its reputation and popularity. In 10-minute Schools, almost 150000 students attend classes regularly. It is sponsored by Telco Giant Robi. It is also being endorsed by numerous public figures.


From JC students to professional workers anyone can benefit from this website. 10-minute School divided they are modules into JSC, SSC, HSC, Professional course 

University admission, University courses Skill development.

Learners can watch topic-wise free recorded lecture videos, can watch chapters attempt quizzes, and even attend life classes. The latest and most attractive part of this website is that it is completely free.




Educational Websites In Bangladesh

eShikhon is a popular best-learning app in Bangladesh. If you want to prepare yourself for your subjects you can take different model tests from this website. This platform provides their learning from the JSC level to BSC test preparation.

From this website you can also try audio-visual courses from a range of courses such as WordPress, graphic design, CPA training, affiliate marketing, Android development, app development, etc.


3. Shikho


Educational Websites In Bangladesh

Shikho is one of the best first-aid growing educational websites. This platform provides high-quality animated video lessons, graphical learning journeys, interactive life classrooms, ongoing evolution, and performance analytics.

With the help of Shikho learners may test themselves, study at their speed and stay up with their skilled teachers. This website provides its services at any time and from any location by using its Shikho Learning App. Shiko provides scholarships for SSC and HSC students. 

Shikho courses are not free when students want to access their content they have to pay a small fee. Students can pay with a Bkash debit or credit card. Yet they offer refunds.


4. Shikkhok Batayon: Educational Websites in Bangladesh



Educational Websites In Bangladesh

Shikkhok Batayon is a project of the government of Bangladesh. This website aims to bring the digitalization of education to our country.

There are three mainstream study contents available on this website

(I) Firstly, General 

(ii) Secondly,  Madrasa

(iii) Finally, Technical.

Necessary contents are prepared for different schools and madrasas all over the country. The best part of the site is it is completely free to use for all.

5. Bohubrihi 


Educational Websites In Bangladesh

Bahuvrihi is the best online Bangladeshi learning site. Where motivated learners will come to learn. In this platform learners can learn the skills they need, to build things they want to pursue, the Jobs they wish for, and lead the list they deserve.

After learning from Bohubrihi students can do some close-to real-world projects that are curated by experts. Students can also make their portfolios for the future. 

Day by day Bohubrihi moves closer to its aim. Bahubrihi provided practical, engaging, and marketable learning opportunities.


6. Study Press


Educational Websites In Bangladesh

Study press is an online best educational website in Bangladesh. Nowadays, the Study Press organization has 1,33,689 students,1,16,144 questions, and 231 job tests.

So, With the help of this website, students can find many academy writers’ questions that are related to different topics and any previous questions of the competitive exams such as Bank Job, and BCS. Study press centered on competitive exam preparation.


7. Learning Bangladesh


most visited educational websites in bangladesh


Learning  Bangladesh is the first e-learning social media platform in Bangladesh. This platform was founded in 2017 but it is run out of Bangladesh. It is mobbed by everyone in monthly sales, sage scrip can apply to the job posts and learners can be activated here.

For those people who want to work with digital marketing, web analytics, motion graphics animation, design through native language, etc. this platform is helpful for them. 


8. Educarnival


most visited educational websites in bangladesh

Educarnival gives motivation to the students like a carnival. With the help of educarnival students can enjoy their studies and they will be curious to learn new subjects.

Educarnival provides different services such as Exams, Edupedia, Educarnival scholarship program, Results, Forum, Library, Virtual education fair, and Job board. These services help students with their learning, to support their education, to improve their skills, and other learning purposes. Here students can share their understandings, and ideas and know about their skills.



most visited educational websites in bangladesh

Shikkhok was established in August 2012. It was created by Dr. Ragib Hasan who is a computer science professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. provides free online education and high-quality courses in the Bengali language. This platform brings together researchers and learners from all around the world. They create free-of-cost content in the Bengali language in both advanced and basic languages. So, this platform also develops ultra-low-cost online models for students all over the world. They provide free, open, and alternative to traditional educational institutions. 


10. Ghoori Learning 


most visited educational websites in bangladesh

Ghoori learning is the best online learning platform in Bangladesh. This website started for learning and practicing English. Kite learning wanted to bring the BBC English courses to Bangladeshi people. So, They also want to encourage the Bangladeshi people to create a better life by making them fluent in English. 

Moreover, Ghoori learning platform also provides many services like Basic English, Basic English, IELTS, and various foreign ( Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, French, and Korean) courses. 



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10+ Other best Educational Websites in Bangladesh


The most visited online learning Platforms in Bangladesh

are given below ?

  1. Muktopaath
  2. MSB Academy
  3. Mojaru
  4. Thriving Skills
  6. Education Pedia of Bangladeshi 
  7. Shikhbe shobai
  8. Amar Pathshala
  9. Srijonshil
  10. EDPDU 
  11. Classroom  

1. Muktopaath


e learning websites in bangladesh

Muktopaath is an online educational website in Bangladesh that is very trusted and reputed. Here you can learn English and you can also benefit from Muktopaath content. This platform is created by the Bangladesh Government  a2i project. It provides Government and Non- government courses for different level students.

Moreover, students can watch chapter-wise pre-recorded classes and also attempt a quiz from Muktopaath. 


2. MSB Academy 


e learning websites in bangladesh

MSB Academy is the best e-learning website in Bangladesh. Its main purpose is to help the learners with valuable new skills that will help them very much. 

MSB Academy has tons of high-quality courses in every sector of learning. MSB academy review team designed its online courses.

This is a very helping platform that is their teachers meet their high standards 




e learning websites in bangladesh

Mojaru is an online learning website that aims to change learning and make it fun.

This platform works with academics, working with children, and working with admissions to skill development. For learning with you you need a mobile or a laptop and internet. 

Nowadays the new generation wants to change in every sector of learning. This region Mojaru changed its learning system to make it easy and fun.


4. Thriving Skills: Educational Websites in Bangladesh


e learning websites in bangladesh

Thriving skills provides different types of services such as:

  • Self-education
  • Methodology & publications
  • HR dashboard with Excel
  • Industry-based research projects
  • Time and distress management at the workplace
  • Craft learning plans based on role and region
  • Design and development
  • Capability building
  • Performance support
  • Instructor-led training
  • Responsive eLearning





best learning app in bangladesh


PRE- TESTBD is a popular and reputed online education school website in Bangladesh. Here any student can prepare for exams, can learn education, and can also benefit from the contents of this platform. There are many types of courses for different levels of learners.

So students can watch chapter-wise pre-recorded lectures or attempt quizzes on this online platform.


6. Education Pedia of Bangladesh



Education video of Bangladesh is an online learning website. This website helps students make their exam preparation for different competitive exams.

With the help of this platform, students can prepare such competitive exams like BCS, medical, BUET, IBA, University, and job.


7. Shikhbe Shobai


best learning app in bangladesh

Shikhbe Shobai Shobai is a very helpful online learning website where you can get the skills that you need and can earn online. Their 

The main goal is to train students and make them able to. Learning from work in the online freelancing marketplace such as Upwork, Fiverr, Toptal, Guru, etc.

Shikhbe Shobai launched a new service on October 1, 2021.

This platform has different categories such as lifestyle hotels, dining educational institutions, banking services, and shopping.


8. Amar Pathshala


best learning app in bangladesh

Amar Pathshala is an online learning website for students. This platform provides different services such as a white range of learning materials like the result, admission, video tutorial, suggestion, and solution.

Students can prepare for exams like BCS, BUET, Public University, Medical, and Job.


9. Srijonshil


best learning app in bangladesh

Srijonshil is an excellent, fastest-growing, and popular online learning website in Bangladesh. This website provides many services such as Questions & Answers, Tutorials, E-books, Model tests, Recumbent Tests, Admission Tests(Current news, University Kha unit model test, University gha unit model test, medical model test), and University Links ( Public University and Private University). They provide class questions  and Answers

 (5 to class 10),E- books (class 1 to class 10), Model tests (class 3 to class 9, HSC), Recruitment Test:

  • BCS Tests ( Short- 20 marks)
  • BCS Tests ( Long- 100 marks)
  • Tests
  • Primary Teacher Recruitment 
  • Teacher Registration Tests


10. EDPDU: Educational Websites in Bangladesh


best learning app in bangladesh

EDPDU is the best online e-learning website in Bangladesh. Here any student can easily prepare for the exam. EDPDU teaches all general subjects these are given below ?

1. Arts:

  • Bengali
  • English
  • General Math 

2. Commerce

  • Bengali
  • English
  • Finance, Banking, and Insurance
  • Business education and policy

3. Science

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Math
  • Biology

Moreover, EDPDU also helps with competitive exam preparation like BCS, BUET, Medical, University, etc.


11. Classroom


best learning app in bangladesh

The classroom is a very helpful online education platform. It is a Google app and it helps teachers and students save time, improve communication with each other and keep classes organized. On this platform, students can easily make their assignments and organize assignments quickly provide feedback efficiently, and very easily communicate with their classmates. 

Moreover, Both teachers and students use this platform and make their learning easy.


10+ Promising Educational Start-Ups in Bangladesh 


best learning app in bangladesh

The day was gone when education was something that was limited to the classroom and only books. At this time students have access to the internet and they can get education from a learning platform. In Bangladesh, many educational websites help students very much. This website makes education very easy and powerful. The learning platform’s name is to make learning fun for the students.

Moreover, there are many promising educational start-ups in Bangladesh. These websites’ main aim is to start this education to make education more accessible and fun for students.

There are promising eLearning education website list below ?

  1. Upskill
  2. Eshkul
  3. Classtune
  4. Esho Shikho
  5. Coders Trust
  6. Admission Ninja
  7. AlterYouth
  8. Search English
  9. Caretutors
  10. Let’s Learning Coding
  11. Shonod Edutainment



This content is about educational websites in Bangladesh. After reading this content fully you will be able to know about the top 10 educational websites, best educational websites, and best promising websites.


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