Top 10 ways how to earn money online in bangladesh as a student

Nowadays it is much easier how to earn money online in Bangladesh as a student than to earn money offline. There are many ways to earn money online. 

In this article, I discussed how to earn money online in Bangladesh, how to make money online in Bangladesh easily and top 10 ways how to earn money online in Bangladesh as a student, and also more than 20 ways to earn money online in Bangladesh.

If you want to earn money online, then you must read this article and select one way to earn money easily online. So, read this article and know about how to earn money online.

how to earn money online in bangladesh as a student without investment. If you are wondering how can I earn money online in Bangladesh? Then you are in the right place. In Bangladesh, there are a lot of ways to earn money online without investment and experience 

Freelancing is the most popular way to earn money online. So, if you want to earn money then you can start a YouTube channel or blog site aur monitors eat by affiliate marketing, advertising, and selling digital products.

A lot of Bangladeshi people earn money online by providing their services as consulting, web designing, data entry, content writing, web development, tutoring etc.


Top 10 ways how to earn money online in bangladesh as a student. There are many ways to earn money online in Bangladesh. So, if you want to earn money with online without having pure skills and without investment then you can follow one way from the given below list????

  1. Article writing or content writing
  2. Make money on Facebook
  3. Earn money by selling photos
  4. Outsourcing or freelancing
  5. Make money by blogging
  6. Make money through affiliate marketing
  7. Earn money on YouTube earn
  8. Mobile apps themes and plugins development
  9. Earn money through graphics design
  10. Bangladeshi freelancing site

Desktop 10 ways of earning money online in Bangladesh discussed below ????


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Article writing our content writing – easy way to earn money online BD

If you are good at English and you can read, write, and understand English well then you have a good chance of earning money online. 

Then you can try to become a content writer as a freelancer in a freelancing marketplace or you can be an assistant to a senior article writer.

In the freelancing marketplace you can write different types of articles. Such as website content articles, block posts, press releases, speech writing, translations, product descriptions, sales copy, book and ebook writing, CV or resume writing, business slogans, cover letter writing, etc.

You can also write Bangla articles. There are lots of Bangladeshi blog sites where you can submit your Bangla article for publication. These such sites include:

  1. JIT
  3. Techtunes
  4. Pratiborton
  5. Ordinary IT

Facebook is an easy way to earn money online in Bangladesh

On Facebook we usually waste most of the valuable time in our life. But we don’t know about earning money on Facebook.

On Facebook, there are many review groups specially food blogger groups higher publishers need to pay for getting approval for their posts. You can earn money on Facebook in many ways, such as:

  • Facebook instant articles
  • Facebook business
  • Facebook videos 
  • Post affiliated products 
  • Link to generate the sale 
  • Promote business 
  • Upload photos and videos to generate sales.

Online income by selling photos

Many photo sites are online where you can easily create an account and upload your photo. Then you will get a free cloud for your photos . More for if you get some great shots then your photos should be sold. You can sell your single photo multiple times.


If you love to take photos and want how to earn money online in bangladesh as a student by selling photos then sell your photos on 9 to the following sites:

  • Pixabay
  • Shutterstock
  • Pixels
  • Adobe stock
  • Freepik
  • istockphoto
  • 500× Prime
  • SmugMug PRO

Outsourcing or freelancing

One of the best ways to earn money online in Bangladesh is freelancing or outsourcing. Many freelancing sites are available for work such as:

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Guru
  • 99designs
  • Behance
  • Truelancer
  • Toptal
  • Simply hired

By using this online marketplace you can earn more money. To start work in this marketplace you must have to be skilled in any subject such as SEO related work, graphic design, web development, content writing, online marketing, data entry, Photoshop work, banner or logo design, etc.

Earn money by blogging or making a website



At that time blogging or making websites is the best way how to earn money online in bangladesh as a student. If anyone wants to know how to earn money online in Bangladesh then login or making a website is a very good decision for him or her.

There are in friends in the marketplace where freelancers get started in their careers as a blogger. There are lots of Content Management System (CMS). CMS help us to start blogging innings such as blogger website, WordPress, etc.

If you want to know about blocks then you must visit Prothom Alo, KalerKantho, and many other popular sites. A famous blogger earns from various sources, like affiliate marketing, sponsored content, local ads, advertisement from an agency ( Media, Google AdSense, Propeller ads), etc.

Make money through affiliate marketing

Do you know about affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a kind of marketing that is done for once own business and also for others. You will generate some commission from the businessman by influence in the selling of products or services.


If you want to start online income by affiliate marketing then you have to choose a site where affiliation is open for you. Such as, BDshop, Bohubrihi, Daraz, and others.  There are showroom insights like ExonHost, hosting Bangladesh, and Dianahost this site offering affiliate marketing.

Yet affiliate marketing textile and is not easy for new freelancers. You have to study blogs, articles, or video lectures to get traffic. It may take some time about a month without any results.

Moreover, you will make a good money by affiliate marketing if you want to.

Earn money on YouTube 

At this time youtube is a very good option for earning money online. Blogs and YouTube are almost the same but there content types are different.  YouTube requires video content and this content is the way to become familiar with more and more people. On the other hand, blocks are based on mainly written content.

Youtubers can earn money by starting a YouTube channel. YouTube grab her/his traffic and convert it to her/his passive income. Before starting a YouTube you have to read YouTube rules and have to know how to monetize YouTube videos. You have to upload useful videos. So that people can benefit from your videos or content.

Moreover, YouTube is the most popular way how to earn money online in bangladesh as a student jobboy in Bangladesh without investment. Especially for  youngsters who are students.

Mobile apps, themes, and plugins development

CSE students who have developing programming skills and new mobile apps, themes, and plugins are the smart way to make money online in Bangladesh. This is also an some way for others to earn money online.

For doing this, developers need to make Android mobile apps, plugins, iPhone apps, and website templates. Developer cancel those in the following sites that are given below ????

  • Fiverr for selling your services
  • iOS app store
  • Google play store
  • Buy and sell website templates on
  • Buy and sell codes and pluggings on

Earn money through graphics design

Graphics design is the best way how to earn money online in bangladesh as a student. All over the world graphic design has huge demands and better earning opportunities in Bangladesh. If anyone is skilled in graphic design then he or she can earn much more money by doing this.


Because graphic design has high demand in Bangladesh and all over the world. A professional graphic designer can earn $500 to $1000 per month. Graphic designers and easily by selling icons, designs, and themes online. 

There are different types of work such as banner design, logo design, business card, clipping path, image editing, photo background to removing or changing, image manipulation, photo retouching, photo Restoration, magazine cover design, and many other types of works.

Bangladeshi freelancing site

There are some Bangladeshi freelancing site’s.

  • Belancer
  • Shocchol
  • BWM Shop
  • Shadhin kaj

On this following sites, you can start your freelancing career and make money without having English skills. Yet you must have some skills for doing work in the marketplace.

How to earn money online from Google?

Nowadays any freelancer can earn from Google. This is the best way for online income. You can make a handsome income from Google.

5 excellent ways to earn money online from Google are given below ????

  1. Google AdSense
  2. Google ads
  3. YouTube
  4. Google opinion rewards
  5. AdMob

How to earn money online in Bangladesh as a student

At this time many students are interested in freelancing jobs. Students can make their career influenced very easily. This is the best way for online income. There are many freelancing market places where students can work and earn money easily.

In this content, I am going to tell about effective ways to earn money online as a student. These ways are given below ????

  1. Virtual assistant
  2. Data entry
  3. Translation jobs
  4. Online service
  5. Blogging
  6. Web testing
  7. Virtual teaching
  8. Dropshipping
  9. Web designing
  10. Graphic design

Moreover , there are a lot of opportunities for students to earn money online in Bangladesh as a freelancer.

175+ ways how to earn money online in Bangladesh 



The first 50 + 50 OS to earn money online or given below ????

  1. Make money online buy freelancing work.
  2. Make money online from e-commerce.
  3. Make money by becoming an online reseller.
  4. Make money through affiliate marketing.
  5. Make money by financial management.
  6. Make money by financial analysis and modelling.
  7. Make money with freelance content writing.
  8. Make money by business analysis.
  9. Earn money by creating your YouTube channel.
  10. Make money online by Bookkeeping.
  11. Earn money online by Accounting.
  12. Make money online by writing paid review.
  13. Earn money doing part time photography.
  14. Earn money by starting a profitable blocog niche.
  15. Earn money by freelance content writing.
  16. Earn money through social media as an influencer.
  17. Make money as a private tutor online or at home.
  18. Make money online by taking paid surveys.
  19. Make passive income by renting your car.
  20. Earn money from on demand ride server.
  21. Earn money by selling gently used items.
  22. Earn money as HR administration.
  23. Make money by management consulting 
  24. Make money by instructional design.
  25. Earn money by recruiting.
  26. Make money through tax preparation.
  27. Earn money through training and development .
  28. Make money through online research.
  29. Make money by data entry.
  30. Make money by order processing.
  31. Earn money with project management.
  32. Make money by data processing.
  33. Make money by deep learning.
  34. Make money with data visualisation.
  35. Make money with experimentation and testing.
  36. Earn money through art direction.
  37. Earn money as a factor.
  38. Make money with 3D animation.
  39. Make money with 2D animation.
  40. Make money through machine learning.
  41. Earn money by knowledge representation.
  42. Earn money by data extraction.
  43. Make money as data engineering.
  44. Make money with technical support.
  45. Make money through data analytics.
  46. Earn money by A/B testing.
  47. Earn money from bandits.
  48. Make money through customer service.
  49. Earn money with virtual assistance
  50. Make money by deep learning

Next legs 50 ways how to earn money online in bangladesh as a student

  1. Earn money with transcription.
  2. Earn money as an audio editor or post editor.
  3. Earn money with audio production.
  4. Earn money with band identity.
  5. Make money by brand strategy.
  6. Make money through fashion design.
  7. Earn money through editorial design.
  8. Make money by exhibit design.
  9. Earn money through creative direction.
  10. Make money as a cartoonist.
  11. Make money by illustration.
  12. Make money by image editing or retouching.
  13. Earn money through motion graphics.
  14. Earn money as a Musician.
  15. Earn money with music production.
  16. Earn money with music creation.
  17. Earn money as a photographer.
  18. Make money as a store designer.
  19. Make money as a scriptwriter.
  20. Earn money as a videographer.
  21. Earn money through the presentation design.
  22. Make money by video editing or post production.
  23. Make money as a vocalist.
  24. Earn money with voice talent.
  25. Earn money through VR and AR design.
  26. Earn money through 3D modelling.
  27. Earn money by 3D rendering.
  28. Earn money through 3D visualisation.
  29. Earn money by writing tutoring.
  30. Make money by technical writing.
  31. Make money by ghost writing.
  32. Make money by grant writing.
  33. Earn money by editing and proofreading.
  34. Earn money through creative writing.
  35. Earn money by copyrighting.
  36. Make money by career coaching.
  37. Make money by business writing.
  38. Make money by web design.
  39. Earn money with prototyping.
  40. Earn money with scripting and automation. 
  41. Earn money online in Bangladesh by typing.
  42. Earn money online BD bikash.
  43. Earn money by scrum master.
  44. Make money through UX and UI design.
  45. Make money by user research.
  46. Product management.
  47. Mobile game.
  48. Mobile design.
  49. Mobile app.
  50. Game development.

The last 75+ ways how to earn money online in Bangladesh

  1. Functional QA
  2. Full stack development.
  3. E-Commerce development.
  4. Emerging tech.
  5. Firmware development.
  6. Front development.
  7. Desktop software development.
  8. Back-end development.
  9. CMS customisation.
  10. Database development.
  11. Automation QA.
  12. Translation
  13. AR/VR development
  14. Technical
  15. Medical translation
  16. Telemarketing
  17. Language tutoring
  18. Legal translation
  19. Social media strategy
  20. Marketing strategy
  21. Market research
  22. Public relations
  23. Search engine optimization
  24. Search engine marketing
  25. Marketing automation
  26. Lead generation
  27. Email marketing
  28. Digital marketing
  29. Content strategy
  30. Community management
  31. Campaign management
  32. Business development
  33. Tax Law
  34. Securities and finance law
  35. Labour and employment
  36. Paralegal
  37. Regulatory law
  38. Securities and finance law
  39. International law
  40. Intellectual property
  41. Immigration law
  42. General counsel
  43. Jewellery design
  44. Landscape design
  45. Process engineering
  46. Structural engineering
  47. Quantity surveying
  48. Oil and gas engineering
  49. Sourcing and procurement
  50. HVAC & MEP design
  51. Interior design
  52. Industrial design
  53. Hydraulics engineering
  54. Logistics and supply chain management
  55. Mathematics
  56. Mechanical engineering
  57. Science tutoring
  58. Product design
  59. Physics
  60. PCB design
  61. Solar energy
  62. Wind energy
  63. Database animation
  64. DevOps engineering
  65. Information security
  66. Network administration
  67. Solutions architecture
  68. System administration
  69. System architecture
  70. System compliance
  71. Systems engineering
  72. Security and finance law
  73. Business and corporate law
  74. International law
  75. Regulatory law
  76. Paralegal 


This content is about how to earn money online in bangladesh as a student? There are many ways to earn money online. Through this content you will know about the top 10 ways to earn money online and also 170 + ways.

I hope this content will be very helpful for you to find your desired way to earn money online very easily. If you have any suggestions please comment below. STAY WELL ????.