Top 10 SEO Expert in Bangladesh

top 10 SEO expert in Bangladesh: Youngest, Best & local

If you want to see your web page at the top of the Google search engine list then SEO experts can help you very much.

You may not have an idea about the benefits of an SEO expert and the benefits SEO can bring to your business. SEO experts can make your website top in the Google ranking.

Now I will tell about the benefits of SEO Expert in Bangladesh:

  • SEO service helps you to stay- on- the trend
  • SEO increase ROI
  • Boost Website Traffic with SEO
  • SEO Experts can help reach your goal
  • SEO helps in Strategic Preparation

Top 10 SEO Expert in Bangladesh

Experts have helped many companies on the world wide web. Few experts have been advising many businesses about enhancing their website ranking. Furthermore,  This website ranking is a significant part of Google’s algorithm. Successful is your campaign that can lead to thousands of new visitors and also increase business revenue. The most effective companies understand that consistency is key to success.

Here I will tell you about Bangladeshi top 10 SEO Experts. These 10 experts are highly qualified and experienced in their work.

  1. Khalid Farhan
  2. Faruk Khan
  3. Shakil Ahmmed
  4. Jobayer Rahman
  5. Maqsood Rahman
  6. Shahin Alam
  7. Niloy
  8. Murad ul Hasan 
  9. Ratul Roy
  10. Mehedi Hasan Jihad

Khalid Farhan 

Khalid Farhan is the best SEO Expert and Digital Marketer in Bangladesh. He is also an Internet Marketer, Digital entrepreneur, Content Creator, and Operator.

Khalid Farhan spent most of his time now creating content, building businesses, managing a team of extremely talented people, and thinking about the future. 

 Khalid Farhan has many courses that are given below :

  • Start Freelancing 
    • Freelancing Basics 
    • Marketplace Guide 
    • Learning Skills 
  • Learn SEO 
    • Keyword Research 
    • Tracking 
    • Technical SEO 
    • On-Page SEO 
    • Off-Page SEO 
    • Learn About Future 
  • Learn Meta Marketing 
    • Intro to Media Ads
    • Strategies 
    • Framework 
    • Types of Ads
    • Creating Ads
    • Remarketing
  • Join Formal Friday 
  • Buy the Bundle 

Moreover, Khalid Farhan is a Top  SEO Expert in Bangladesh. If you want to start your career as a freelancer then you can follow Khalid Farhan. 

Contact him by

  • Facebook 
  • Twitter 
  • Youtube 
  • Instagram 
  • LinkedIn 
  • Tiktok

Faruk Khan: top 10 SEO expert in Bangladesh 

If you want to know that, who is the best SEO expert in Bangladesh? Then I will tell you that, Faruk Khan is the best SEO expert in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh Faruk Khan is also the best SEO Expert, Organic SEO Expert, White Hat SEO Expert, Local SEO Trainer, Affiliate Marketer, and Freelancing Workshop Mentor. 

Faruk Khan is someone who can get your business web page on the top of the search engine list.

He can enhance your online visibility and also drive more traffic to any website using the latest digital marketing trends. He is an SEO Expert so with his vast experience and digital marketing skills he can optimize your website content to be more revenue-generating.

So far Faruk Khan has completed 200 + SEO projects for 100 companies that are situated all over the world. If you want to rank your website organic method then you must seek your service from an experienced person like Faruk Khan.

If you want to get a basic idea of SEO then you can see Faruk khan’s tutorial class on YouTube and also you can follow this video. In this video, you can see the following things that are given below 

  • Opportunity to learn and gain practical knowledge on the methods of SEO
  • Updated strategies for ranking any website on Google
  • How are your works locally and how you may take advantage of it
  • Tricks and techniques on how to drive a lot of traffic or visitors to a website.

So, this video tutorial on  YouTube and become a top 10 SEO expert in Bangladesh.

Shakil Ahmmed 

Shakil Ahmmed is a freelance SEO expert. He is a certified SEO Consultant,  Digital Marketer, and Web Designer. He has been working since March 2015, as an internet marketing consultant for his clients. Shakil Ahmmed provides high-quality SEO services which include giving Google penalty recovery for penguin humming Panda and all the recent Google upgrades.

Furthermore, none of his websites have been penalized by Google.

Shakil Ahmmed is skilled in:

  • HTML & CSS

He is experienced in the following job

1. Digital IT Solution (Digital marketing executive)

From November 2015 –  October 2016

2. Smart Software (Web and graphics designer)

 From January 2017 –  February 2018

3. Clipping Homes Limited (Digital marketing manager- SEO)

 From November 2018 – September 2020

4. Live Clipping Path (Chief Operating Officer- COO)

From September 2020 – December 2021

5. SEO Expert Bangladesh LTD (Business Development Manager)

 since 20 December 2021- Continue

Moreover, Shakil Ahmmed provides the following services

  • IT Support
  • Graphics Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Design and Development

Furthermore, he can increase your online exposure and attract more visitors to your desired websites. Shakil Ahmmed also optimizes your website content to be revenue-generating after using his extensive experience as he is an issue expert and digital marketing talent.

Jobayer Rahman

Jobayer Rahman is the best SEO Expert. He provides high-quality SEO services on search engines such as Google, Yahoo  Bing, and other major search engines. Jobayer has been working as a consultant for over 10 years.

Jobayer is skilled in the following subjects:

  • On page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Client SEO
  • eCommerce SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Competitors analysis
  • Site audit
  • Technical SEO
  • SMM
  • SEM
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Team management

This SEO Expert proven SEO Strategies are given below 

  • SEO Consulting
  • Audit or data analysis
  • Off-Page optimization
  • On-page optimization
  • Technical SEO
  • SEO Strategy development
  • Development
  • Monitoring

Moreover, Jobyer Rahman is the best SEO expert in Bangladesh. Because he is an expert at ranking websites, excellent work ethic, excellent personality, has affordable rates, knows the latest trends and updates, respects deadlines and clients, for transparency for his dedication.

Maqsood Rahman: top 10 SEO expert in Bangladesh

Are you looking for the best top SEO Expert in Bangladesh? It is then you are in the right place. Now I am telling you about an SEO Expert whose name is Maqsood Rahman. This SEO Expert can help you to achieve all your SEO success.

Maqsood Rahman In worked in the SEO industry for nearly two decades. Is the first SEO audit software creator in Bangladesh.

Moreover, He has worked in the digital marketing industry for the last 17 years In New York. Since 2018 he is working as the founder of SEO Agency Inc & Seo Audit Software.

Maqsood  provides the following services:

  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page Optimization 
  • Competitor Research
  • Technical SEO Audit
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Backlink Analyzing
  • User Experience
  • Content Optimization
  • Lead Generation
  • Keyword Rank Tracking 
  • Monthly SEO
  • SEO Link Building and Citation 
  • Monitoring and Managing
  • GBP Optimization

Moreover, Maqsood Rahman can help you to meet and also exceed your Business Standards. He has to be an expert to rank your website on Google’s 1st Page, to make your website more likely to convert, easier to use on Mobile, Laptop, and Computer, and more capable of creating a positive impression.

Shahin Alam

Shahin Alam is an SEO Expert, entrepreneur, and Digital Marketer. He Professionally started his online career in 2017 with SEO. He has spent the last 3+ years learning about SEO and Internet Marketing. 

Shahin Alam is skilled in the following subjects :

  • Digital Marketing 
  • WordPress
  • Graphic Design 
  • Article Writing 
  • Video Editing 
  • Lead Generation 
  • Website Building 

Shahin Alam has 3 years of experience, 5 Ongoing Projects, 40+ completed Projects, and 4856 cups of Coffee. 

Moreover, Shahin Alam has a Facebook Group. His Facebook group is called ” Candy from Shahin”.With the help of this group, you will get updates about tips on the Freelance Marketplace. 


Niloy is a certified SEO Expert and professional Digital Marketer in Bangladesh. He is certified by Google Analytics, Moz academy, and Google Ads Fundamentals. This SEO Expert has worked as an SEO Expert for 8 years in Bangladesh.

He has also worked in the Marketing and Advertising Industry for several years. 

Furthermore, Niloy is not only an SEO Expert but also an SEO Trainer. He provides his SEO training in various SEO training centers in Bangladesh.

When he was a teenager he started his work as SEO Expert in Bangladesh.

So, If you want to rank your website in Google top and want to grow your startup business then you must know about the Basic Ranking of Google and SEO Strategies. 

Niloy provides the following services:

  • SEO service
  • Local SEO Services 
  • Digital marketing Services 
  • Web Design
  • Development Services
  • eCommerce SEO SEO services
  • Others that require any online marketing

Moreover, now he is giving SEO services with his experienced team members and also bringing 100+ websites to Google’s top ranking.

Murad ul Hasan: top 10 SEO expert in Bangladesh

Murad ul Hasan is an SEO Expert in Bangladesh. He is also a Professional Digital Marketer. Murad is certified by Google Analytics, Google Ads Fundamentals, and The Fundamentals of Google Digital Marketing. He has been working on digital marketing for over 5+ years.

Murad started his online work journey when he was an SSC student.

Murad ul Hasan provides the following services that are given below 

  • Firstly, Keyword Research
    • Brainstorming & Keyword Finding 
    • Choose target Niche 
    • Pick Keyword to Research 
    • Competitor Analysis 
    • Select Target Keyword 
    • And more….
  • Secondly, On-Page SEO
    • Page titles 
    • URL Instructors 
    • Meta Description 
    • Meta Keywords 
    • H1- H6 tags
    • Sitemaps 
    • And more…
  • Off-Page SEO
    • Search Engine Submission 
    • Web 0.2
    • Q & A
    • Profile Link Building 
    • Link Building and Earning 
    • Content Marketing 
    • And more….
  • Social Media Marketing
    • Social Media Basics 
    • YouTube Marketing 
    • Facebook Marketing 
    • Twitter Marketing 
    • Linkedin Marketing 
    • Reddit Marketing 
    • Google Plus Marketing 
    • Social Media Paid Advertising
    • And more…
  • Technical SEO 
    • SEO Copy- Writing 
    • Search Engines Crawl and Index
    • UI & UX Suggestion 
    • Well Google Analysis 
    • Google Search Console
    • Robots.txt
    • W3C Validation 
    • And more…
  • Search Engine Marketing 
    • Data Feed Creation 
    • Audience Creation 
    • SEM Fundamentals
    • Campaign, Group & Ad Set up
    • Image Ads (GDN) set up 
    • Search Ad (Text Ad set up)
    • Dynamic Ads (DPA) set up
    • And More…… 

Moreover, for the above skills, Murad ul Hasan is called a Digital Marketer and an SEO Expert.

Ratul Roy

If you want to know who is the youngest SEO expert in Bangladesh? Then I will tell you that, Ratul Roy is the youngest SEO expert in Bangladesh. 

Ratul Roy is an experienced SEO specialist. Ratul started his work as a freelancer at the age of 16 when he was a student. He worked individually on 50+ businesses and 50+ SEO projects. Now he is providing SEO services all over the world along with his marketing team members.

Roy started his journey as a specialist and did many works with his clients. After his working success with his clients now he works with a marketing team. At this time he is trying to provide better services with his best effort.

Ratul Roy is the best SEO Expert for the following reasons:

  • For his Transparency
  • He is the Best SEO Partner
  • For his expert team
  • 100% positive result 

Furthermore, Ratul Roy’s ultimate goal is client satisfaction.

If you want to reach your website on Google’s first page and want more and more visitors then Ratul Roy will be very helpful for you to reach your goal and reach the maximum audience. Ratul Roy also provides hundred percent organic and white hat SEO services to his clients.

Moreover, white hat SEO services help you to increase your sales and revenue with SEO.

Mehedi Hasan Jihad: top 10 SEO expert in Bangladesh

Mehedi Hasan Jihad is the Youngest SEO Expert in Bangladesh He started his work in his teenage. Jihad is also the best Local Global SEO Expert in Bangladesh. He can help you to Boost your website.

Mehedi Hasan Jihad provides the following services that are given below

  • Firstly, On-Page SEO
  • Secondly, Off-Page SEO
  • Further, Keyword Research
  • Content Writing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • And also Pinterest Marketing

Moreover, as he was the best SEO then you can hire him to rank your website.


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This content is about the top 10 SEO Expert in Bangladesh. In this context, I am trying to tell you about the top 10 SEO experts. In Bangladesh, many freelancers are earning money through online work.SEO experts are very helpful for ranking any website and reaching Google’s first page.

Bangladeshi SEO experts also work globally for many Industries and Agencies. SEO experts are very experienced in their work and they become popular day by day. 

In Bangladesh, there are top SEO experts, best SEO experts, youngest SEO experts, Local SEO experts, and White Hat SEO experts. 

So, if you want to be an SEO expert then follow these top SEO experts. 

I hope this article will be very helpful for you. If you have suggestions please comment below.